Top Fuel System Delivery Problems

Top Fuel System Delivery ProblemsThe main parts of the fuel system include the fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors and the fuel lines. Issues with any of these can disrupt the fuel flow which can result in the vehicle being unable to start or properly run. While it is quite uncommon that the tank or the fuel lines will have issues the other three can run into trouble.

The primary sign that your car is not getting gas into the combustion chamber, which is where it needs to be for the spark plugs to ignite the air and fuel mix that powers the engine, is if you try and start your car and the engine turns over and over without starting. Additionally you may experience stalling or a rough idle if the fuel flow is inadequate. Let's look at a few of the issues that can arise with the fuel system that can cause these troubles.

Dirty Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is designed to remove impurities from the gas that you put in your car. If the filter becomes too dirty it can prevent a full flow of gas from getting from the tank to the fuel injectors. In most vehicles replacing the fuel filter is a relatively simple and affordable maintenance task that can often be done in as little as 30 minutes.

Malfunctioning Fuel Injectors

The fuel injectors are what spray the fuel into the combustion chamber. Depending on your vehicle there may either be one or multiple nozzles. Numerous issues can arise with the fuel injectors, such as clogged or gummed up injector ports, computer errors or if the alternator is having trouble operating the fuel injectors may suffer as well, since they require a large amount of electricity to perform their duty.

Failed Fuel Pump

The fuel pump's task is all in its name. It must pump the gas from the tank, through the fuel filter to the fuel injectors. It makes sense that if the fuel pump fails that the gas will remain in the gas tank.

Should you suspect that your car is not getting gas to the combustion chamber be sure to let a professional auto repair technician run further diagnostics. If you believe you need fuel pump repair in Austin for any make and model head to Austin Auto Repair. Our team will have you back on the road in no time. Give us a call at (512) 865-6217 to request more information or to schedule quality auto repair in Austin today.

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