Top 5 Signs of Automatic Transmission Trouble

Top 5 Signs of Automatic Transmission TroubleFully automatic transmissions were first introduced in the late 1930s. The primitive hydraulically driven mechanisms opened the door to an easier way to drive, but they certainly had their quirks. Today, many automatic transmissions are driven by computers that help ensure accurate and smooth shifts. Still, they are not perfect and do require routine maintenance and the occasional repair. If you ever notice any of the following issues be sure to schedule an appointment for expert automatic transmission repair.

Grinding Noise

A common sign of transmission trouble is a grinding, whining or squealing noise that occurs as you shift. This is generally a symptom of low transmission fluid, which will result in excessive friction between the transmission's moving parts.

Delayed Shifting

If your vehicle's engine revs high when the automatic transmission shifts between forward gears as you drive down the road you will want to visit the shop. This may be caused by a computer issue or low transmission fluid, both of which are going to result in major damage if they are not addressed soon.

Burning Smell

The smell of burning paper coming from you car could indicate an overheating transmission, which can result in boiling transmission fluid. An overheating transmission will deplete the lubrication necessary to keep the transmission shifting smooth.

Won't Go Into Gear

An obvious issue is if you simply can't get the car into drive (D), overdrive or reverse, The gear shifter may simply not engage with the gear by passing over it or it could simply stop before the gear and refuse to move. Either of this issues are going to require the expertise of a transmission repair shop.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Leak

If you spot a reddish liquid dripping from your vehicle is is likely that you have discovered a transmission fluid leak. Low levels of transmission fluid can cause all of the above issues, and many more. At the first sign of a leak be sure to visit your local auto shop for proper diagnostics and repair.

Transmission trouble comes in many forms, but one thing is true about all of it: the longer you wait to have it repaired, the worse it will get, resulting in more extensive and expensive repairs. If you believe it is time for automatic transmission repair in Austin visit the technicians at Austin Auto Repair. Our full service auto repair shop can handle any make and model of import or domestic car, truck or SUV. Call (512) 865-6217 to make an appointment today.

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