3 Signs it is Time for a Wheel Alignment

3 Signs it is Time for a Wheel AlignmentCould you imagine trying to walk if each one of your feet wanted to go in a different direction? You would be wandering all over the place! Thankfully our bodies are rightfully aligned, making it simple to take ourselves in the directions we want to go. Automobiles are also designed to go in one direction, of which the driver selects. The tires are aligned perfectly when a vehicle rolls off the assembly line, but due to normal wear and tear or following some sort of impact or a run in with a curb or pot hole all that could easily change. If one of your car's tires is pushed out of alignment it will result in hazardous control issues that could cause many problems, including a decrease in fuel efficiency, increased tire wear and more. If your car is portraying any of these symptoms of bad wheel alignment give the auto repair shop a call today to schedule wheel alignment services.


Another common sign of trouble is pulling or veering. This is when your vehicle tends to drift to one side of the road or the other. Again this is caused by a tire pointing slightly to the left or right when the other ones are not. This is a dangerous control issue that could result in an accident if not taken care of. You may experience light pulling, in which you may only notice the drifting when you have a light grip on the wheel, or hard pulling which would cause you to more or less fight with the steering wheel for proper control of your car.

Vibrating Steering Wheel

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs of trouble is a steering wheel that shakes or vibrates constantly. This will happen because the vehicle is trying to move in two different directions, thanks to the misalignment of the tires. As the vehicle tries to go left and then right over and over the steering wheel will send you the message that something is amiss. The worse the alignment is the more violent the vibrations will be. However, anytime you feel a shake in the steering wheel it is a smart idea to have the problem properly identified and repaired so it doesn't end up giving you any bigger issues down the road.

Uneven Tire Wear

If you suspect that you're having some sort of alignment trouble be sure to inspect your tires. Even after only a short time with alignment problems visible differences in the way that the tread wears on the misaligned tire versus the properly aligned ones will appear. If you can spot these differences you definitely need to visit the auto repair shop.

Any problems that make it difficult to control your car need to be taken care of immediately, as they can pose threats to your safety. If you need a steering repair or a wheel alignment in Austin be sure to visit the team at Austin Auto Repair. We strive to help our customers keep their cars safe and reliable to complete professional and effective auto maintenance and repair. To learn more about our services or to request an appointment for quality auto repair in Austin give us a call at (512) 865-6217 today.

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