Is it Time for Cooling System Repair?

Is it Time for Cooling System Repair?Within moments of firing up your car's engine it will begin operating at extremely high temperatures. WIthout the assistance of the cooling system the engine would literally melt itself from the inside. Due to this issue it is necessary to pay attention to any of the potential signs that your vehicle needs radiator or cooling system repair. The following are five of the most common symptoms of cooling system failure.

Rising temperature gauge

Perhaps the first thing you will notice if your vehicle is suffering from cooling system issues will be the dashboard temperature gauge rising into the red zone or hot zone. If this happens be sure to pull over as soon as possible to allow your vehicle's engine to cool down. It may be wise to contact a auto shop for further instruction, as it may be necessary to tow your car.

White steam from the hood

If you miss the temperature gauge rising the next thing that may happen if your vehicle is overheating is white smoke coming out from underneath the hood. Pull over right away if this occurs. You'll probably need to add water and/or coolant to your car, once it cools down enough in order to do so. Do not touch the radiator when the vehicle is hot.

Low coolant levels

From time to time it is wise to check the levels of the various liquids used by your vehicle, including the coolant, also known as antifreeze. Always check the coolant when your vehicle's engine is cold. If you find that it is low it is likely you'll also be experiencing one of the following issues in the near future.

White exhaust

If your car is creating white exhaust smoke there is a chance that coolant is being burned in the combustion chamber. This is terrible for your car's engine and could be an indicator of a major problem under the hood. Be sure to get to your local auto repair shop for diagnostics as quickly as you can to prevent further trouble.

Visible coolant leak

If you notice a bright green, sweet smelling liquid dripping from your vehicle than you have likely discovered a coolant leak. This will need to be addressed immediately in order to prevent additional cooling system trouble.

Cooling system issues should not be ignored, as they will lead to bigger trouble for your vehicle. For expert cooling system or radiator repair in Austin head to Austin Auto Repair. Our team will ensure your vehicle is safe and reliable to drive. Give us a call at (512) 865-6217 to request more information about our services or to schedule expert auto repair in Austin today.

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