The Importance of Scheduled Auto Maintenance

The Importance of Scheduled Auto MaintenanceEvery vehicle requires routine maintenance of various sorts over its years on the road. These services ensure that the car, truck or SUV remains in tip-top shape, getting excellent fuel efficiency and giving you a safe and reliable ride. Many vehicles have what is called 30/60/90K services, which includes conducting several tasks all at once. Scheduled auto maintenance is necessary to prevent your car from breaking down. So what happens during auto maintenance? Here are a few of the most common services.

Oil change

The most common form of scheduled auto maintenance is the oil change. Most cars require one every 3,000 to 7,500 miles. Oil changes are vital for proper engine function. The rest of these services are generally completed during 30/60/90K appointments.

Spark plugs and wires service

Spark plugs are fed a small electrical charge that creates a tiny explosion to ignite the air/fuel mix your car uses to power the engine. After about 30,000 miles they need to be replaced as they can become dirty or corroded and cause misfires.

Replacing filters

The air filter, fuel filter, transmission fluid filter and others need to be replaced to ensure proper vehicle operation.

Fluid flush or top off

Not only do the filters need to be replaced, the actual fluids may need to be flushed and refilled. In some cases simply adding a bit of new fluid will do the trick!

Tire rotation

It is important that you rotate your tires on a regular basis to maintain proper wear patterns.

Timing belt inspection

The timing belt keeps your engine running smooth. If a technician finds that it is cracking, frail or otherwise damaged they may need to replace it. However they usually last about 100,000 miles.

Brake Service

Another important aspect of these services is inspecting and repairing the brakes as needed.

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