4 signs your vehicle needs suspension repair

4 signs your vehicle needs suspension repairThe suspension system does much more than provide you with a comfortable ride, it helps ensure you get safely from point A to point B. It does this by keeping all four wheels remain on the ground while traveling over rough terrain and by preventing your vehicle from flipping over while moving around a corner. Of course by absorbing the bumps in the road your suspension also helps keep the journey comfy. If you run into any of the following suspension problems don't hesitate to get in touch with your mechanic for proper repairs.

Oil on the Struts

The struts in your car are full of a special oil that they utilize to properly to do their job. If you notice this oil on the shell of your struts there's good reason to believe impending failure of this suspension component. If they lose this fluid they will not be able to complete their function, which is absorb bumps in the road, resulting in an uncomfortable ride.

Rolling Sensation

If you feel as if your car is going to roll over, spin out or otherwise lose control while cornering it is likely related to a suspension issue. A healthy suspension system shifts the car's center of gravity during cornering using the anti-sway bar. This prevents it from rolling or having other control problems.

Low Corner of Car

If your vehicle appears to ride lower than it use to, especially in one corner, but all the tires are properly inflated there's good reason to believe the struts or shocks have lost their ability to help the vehicle maintain its proper ride height.

Bouncy Ride

Does your car seem to bounce a little too much, even when going over small bumps? You guessed it, it is suspension failure. There's a quick way to confirm this hypothesis. Push on the trunk or hood of your car a few times to get it to start moving up and down. If it does not return to a normal position and stop moving within 3-4 bounces, there is definitely an issue with some components of the suspension.

The suspension system is vital to a safe and reliable vehicle. At the first sign of trouble get in touch with your local auto repair shop so they can run proper diagnostics and determine the best course of action for your vehicle. If you believe that you need suspension repair in Austin head to Austin Auto Repair. We strive to provide fast and effective auto repair for our friends and neighbors, no matter what they drive. Give us a call at (512) 865-6217 to schedule professional auto repair in Austin today.

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