Dead Battery & 3 Other Shocking Auto Electrical Problems

Dead Battery & 3 Other Shocking Auto Electrical ProblemsIt may come as a shock to learn that your vehicle doesn't just utilize gasoline as a power source. It also relies on electricity to power many components of the vehicle and run accessories such as the radio, power seats and windows and to charge your cell phone. Your car also needs electricity in order to get started and run properly. Your vehicle's battery is the root of all electric power and it is often to blame for complete electrical failure, but some electrical problems have other causes. Here are four common electrical issues in modern vehicles.

Dead Battery

The most common problem related to vehicle electrical systems is a dead battery. Like the batteries for your TV remote they do go bad over time, but they generally last for many years. If you suddenly experience a dead battery without warning it is probably due to leaving the lights on or having some other electrical accessory running while the vehicle is off. A simple jump start will generally resolve this issue.

Bad Alternator

The alternator is what charges the battery and powers lights and accessories while the engine is on. It is connected to a belt system that runs off the motion of the engine in order to generate electricity. If the alternator goes bad it will no longer be able to charge the battery, resulting in the loss of all electrical power the next time you try to start the car.

Bad Spark Plugs or Wires

Your engine requires electricity to run as well. A spark is created by electrical wires and a tiny explosion occurs at the spark plugs to power the pistons up and down. Signs of bad spark plugs include poor acceleration, rough idle, decreased fuel efficiency or the vehicle engine cranking but not starting, which may mean the plugs are dirty or covered in oil.

Blown Fuse

Every electric system in the vehicle is connected to a fuse box that prevents excessive power from getting to any particular system, which could cause major damage. If a system's fuse is blown that particular system will no longer work. For example, if all of the power windows suddenly don't work it is probably due to a blown fuse. Luckily fuses are quite inexpensive and are easy to replace.

If you experience auto electric issues, including a dead battery, be sure to have a mechanic conduct diagnostics to get to the bottom of the issue. For expert auto electric repair in Austin visit Austin Auto Repair. Our team of professional auto repair techs will have you back on the road in no time. Give us a call (512) 865-6217 to request quality auto repair in Austin!

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