Customer Reviews of Austin Auto Repair in Austin, Texas

Customer Reviews of Austin Auto Repair in Austin, TexasIn the Internet age it is easy to identify which businesses offer the type of service their banner or slogan promises, and which ones fall short. This is thanks to sites like Yelp, Facebook and Google, which offer consumers a chance to publicly review the businesses and services they use. While this can be bothersome for some companies that have operated in the shadow for years, it's a blessing to the honest, hard working people who want to provide the best possible experience. This is the case with the team at Austin Auto Repair. We've put together a list of reviews from some of our recent customers, just to give you an idea of how important customer service is to us at our full service auto repair shop in Austin.

AAR is my favorite car shop in Austin. Gary and Daniel are very nice men. They fixed my cooling system last year and it works pretty well. Excellent skills with reasonable price! Now, I do every oil change here. - Liping O.

A great repair shop with great prices. They beat the quotes of the dealer and another local repair shop by 30% or more on shocks and brakes. Friendly and helpful staff. - Andrew J.

My truck broke down the other day across town from where my typical shop is. I look these guys up and followed the great reviews to them. The reviews definitely hold true. Austin Auto Repair is fair, fast, and very communicative. I will be coming back! - Andrew R.

Fabulous place. Fair pricing. My most valued service with them is their honesty. As a woman, I have learned I never have to worry about them taking advantage of me because of my lack of car knowledge. If they are super busy and can't get you right in, they are worth the wait. - CFA.

You could not ask for better service. The entire team is knowledgeable, honest, and fair. Joe was a huge help! Thanks, guys! - Carson U.

I will never take my car anywhere else! Gary is always respectful and straightforward about what work needs to be done and what we should watch, but can wait on a bit. We only have the one car, so getting it worked on can put us in a bind at times, but he's great about working us in to a busy schedule with minimal disruption of our lives. Jarrett is an excellent and efficient mechanic and we always feel welcome and comfortable - even when I have a carload of kids with me. Pricing is fair and questions are always answered patiently and expertly. - Leah

I take all of our cars here. Hard to find someone to trust with your car when you are clueless (like me) on how cars work and how much repairs cost. Gary and his team provide great service and super fair prices. - Bryan B.

At Austin Auto Repair we take customer service as serious as we do fixing cars. We will never sell you a product or service your car doesn't need and we'll always keep you up to date on the condition of your vehicle when it is in our hands. At the first sign of car trouble we're sure you'll check reviews for auto repair in Austin, be sure to read through ours and then give us a try to see how honest they are. To schedule service give us a call at (512) 865-6217. We look forward to serving you and your car, truck or SUV.

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